Seeking Solace

I used to seek solace in cigarettes,

A slim white stick alight in trembling fingers,

Breathing in relief with each inhalation.

‘Watch out,’ they said, ‘the smoking, it will kill you.’

So I stopped.


I used to seek solace in alcohol

The hot liquid setting my mouth on fire

Bringing with it relaxed limbs and floating mind,

and eventually a sweet relief from memory.

‘Watch out,’ they said. ‘The drinking, it will kill you.’

So I stopped.


I used to seek solace in your eyes

Wide blue pools of a depth beyond reason

Wordlessly assuring me it would be okay,

calming my questions, quelling my fear.

‘Watch out,’ they said. ‘The love, it will kill you.’

But I couldn’t stop.


And now sometimes those eyes are so full of sadness,

instead of seeking solace

it is I who offers you my tiny dark eyes

trying to help you see that it will all be okay.

I don’t know if the message is getting through.


So let us both then seek solace in the moon.

She may change daily,

but she is always there,

and when she glows she’s





How do you seek solace?

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42 responses to “Seeking Solace

  1. great writing, I am in awe at how easily it comes to some to write such beautiful stuff. My solace comes these days when the kids go to bed and I get quite time, just for me. Oh and seeing the beautiful flowers in my garden, watching waves and seeing the smiles on my kids faces.

    • Thanks Alicia, some beautiful sources of solace there – I’d love to go wave-watching right now!

  2. Wow this was…. I’m not sure. Kind of speechless here!

    I hope you find your solace soon.
    Mine is always in my God.

    • I am OK thank you Jess, I just have a few worries that I wanted to weave into my words. I feel better even having written it. xx

  3. This is soooo beautifully written! It took my breath away. I find solace in running and watching the ocean. Peaceful, tranquil and I can soak in my thoughts and dreams x

    • Thanks so much Grace. I am so envious of those who leave near the sea. It is such a powerful and peaceful place all at once. So healing.

    • Thanks Rachel. I can see how having faith in something outside of ourselves would be a great source of solace.

  4. Just beautiful. A moving peice. I seek solace in nature. If I could have but ten minutes of time in the bush a day, just sitting, listening, being still. I know I’d better a better everything.

    • Thanks Zanni, I adore my bed too, but usually there are too many occupants for me to find solace there! (I wouldn’t have it any other way though 🙂

    • Thanks Deb xx. You have some lovely ways to find solace there, I too love to seek it in nature.

  5. I hope you both find solace. I find solace in running and connecting with kind people.

    • Thanks Trish. There are lots of kind people about, sometimes I am not very good at letting them in. xx

    • Thanks Julie, hugs are great especially from special people 🙂 My little family does provide me with solace too.

  6. This is lovely!

    I adore the Shakespeare reference to the moon at the end, very nice…

    I hope you both find your solace, it is out there, keep searching…

    • Thank you B. I’m sure we will find our solace again, but maybe it is not out there? Maybe it is inside us?

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