Wordless Wednesday – Orange

A reference to a movie I love, my favourite flavour of tic tac and my colour of the moment…

What’s the movie?

What’s your favourite tic tac flavour?

And what is your colour of the moment?

Linking up with the Smurf-tastic Trish at my Little Drummer Boys for Wordless Wednesday.


17 responses to “Wordless Wednesday – Orange

  1. Oh I’m so crap with movies all I could think of was Clockwork Orange too. I like the new strawberry flavour. We painted our last house orange, it was know as the orange house. You would love it!

    • I guess it’s not a super-famous movie! I have never tried the strawberry flavour. An orange house – how cool!

    • Rainbow – beautiful! Not either of those movies. The movie title does not have the word orange in it – but orange tic tacs are featured in the movie!

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