Mulberry Musing

Of the various trees, shrubs and bushes that reside in our garden, one of the most unruly looking is our mulberry bush.

At first I didn’t really like these huge droopy bushes that dominated our yard. We have two in the front yard and one out the back. Joe said they look dejected, defeated, like they were releasing an exhausted sigh.

And when winter came, their branches were bare and twisted, a bunch of sticks haphazardly criss-crossing around each other. They looked a bit haggard and generally untidy. A visitor remarked that they looked dreadful. Puzzlingly I felt offended.

I realised I had grown to appreciate them. The mulberry in the backyard in particular is my tree. There is so much beauty in its mass of twisted branches. I love watching it in each different season;

the Autumn leaves, yellow and falling until the tree is completely bare.

In Winter, its bare and twisted branches stark in the foggy morning.

The tiny buds coming through in Spring, like little green drops of hope, slowly unfurling into beautifully formed leaves.

The lush green canopy it creates in the Summer.

It speaks to me, my tree.

It is not sighing in defeat or dejectedness. It sighs with a deep, relaxed pleasure and relieved ecstasy at the arrival of the warm, bright Summer as promised. Its branches do not droop but reach lovingly towards the earth from which it began its journey.

There is a lot to be said for respecting the seasons, in appreciating the differences and beauty in each.

And there is strength and peace in being grounded, although it may take some twists and turns to find your way back to that place.

I’m posting every day for the month of October as part of

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18 responses to “Mulberry Musing

  1. Oh I love your mulberry tree too. i recognised it straight away as we have one just like it….I love it’s bareness, twisted and tangled….we now have a covering of small leaves getting ready for the summer months. x

  2. Do you have lots of fun picking all the mulberries? Fruit trees are the best, we have a few in our backyard and I love going 10 steps outside and picking something fresh off the tree!
    Gorgeous writing too x

    • You know, I have never tried the mulberries! Usually the birds make a bit of a mess of them 🙂 Thanks xx

  3. What beautiful personification of your mulberry bush – and how did you get that bird to be beautifully posed in the middle like that?! (if that’s the exact bush you’re talking about 🙂 gorgeous imagery. Thank you.

    • Thanks. Yes the photo is my mulberry bush – I was just lucky to get that shot! The bird was still for me just long enough 🙂

  4. I love the name “mulberry” and I was just saying to someone the other day that I really appreciate how deciduous trees mark the seasons so significantly. Where I live has especially beautiful autumns and springs, and I always notice the red leaves or the flowers blooming 🙂 happy to be visiting from the blogtoberfest link! xo

    • Thank you for visiting and thank you for using the word deciduous – it has been in the tip of my tongue since I wrote the post and I could not quite remember it!

    • Thanks Deb. It’s not a tree I would have considered if I was designing my own garden before, but it has won me over. xx

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