What I am grateful for this week

This week I am grateful for:

My husband for cooking dinner on nights when he knows I just don’t have it in me. He’s a keeper, that man.

For my kids for helping me to learn to appreciate the moment.

For my mum and two of my sisters coming over to show me their new found creative interest, or should I say obsession? It was nice to have a coffee and chat with them.

For fantastic weather, seriously.

For dealing with some very professional and helpful people.

For finding some lovely inspiring new blogs through Blogtoberfest, and for managing to blog every day so far.

For facing a fear in a small way. I keep beating myself up for not facing it more often instead of focusing on the fact that I took that first step. But I did it! And I’ll do it again.

For there only being six days until Joe’s annual leave.

Can. Not. Wait.

Joining in with Bron from Maxabella Loves over at Kidspot for 52 Weeks of Grateful. Come and share what you are grateful for this week.

Day Five of Blogtoberfest.

(Come join in)


18 responses to “What I am grateful for this week

  1. Congrats on facing your fear! That first step is the biggest challenge. It will all get easier from here on I hope xx I love how my babies help me appreciate the moment too. Beautiful gratefuls Alana xx

    • I’m counting on it getting easier form here on in, Elisa, I need it to! Thank you xx

  2. It makes me feel warm inside when I read of your mum and two sisters coming over for a coffee and a chat–living vicariously I guess. My sis is on the other side of the world and Mom passed already, but I have Skype and a lot of beautiful memories. Great list of things to be grateful for!

    • I’m sorry to hear about your Mom. I know I am very lucky to have two of sisters close by (my third sister lives on the other side of the country which is hard, cannot imagine overseas distance.)xx

  3. It sounds like you’ve got lots of wonderful things to be grateful for. Enjoy those days when Joe is on annual leave, it’s so nice to have husbands home and to have a more relaxed schedule. Thanks for stopping by and saying hi:)

    • Thank you Catherine, I am very much looking forward to it – it is long overdue.

  4. fabulous list – i share some of these too – i have the same gratitude for a husband that cooks when i don’t have it in me either – would be easier if dinner was at 3pm!

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