Apologies to my readers, and to our gorgeous Blogtoberfest host Kat for not fulfilling my ‘post every day’ aspirations.

My personal life has been kicking my arse lately and there are parts of me that are just not for publication.

I have been falling into bed mentally drained but unable to sleep.

And frustratingly, unable to write.

But I’m OK.

I’m building up my strength.

I’m restoring my spirit.

And I’ll kick life’s arse right back if I have to.

I just need to catch my breath.

Day Sixteen of Blogtoberfest.

(Come join in)


7 responses to “Apologies

  1. Oh no apologies needed! Life is doing crazy things right now – throwing me suprises I didn’t think I needed but apparently do. You’re not alone! Seen a lack of me on the blog too. Gather your strength, and listen to your heart. I know you will come through so much wiser and stronger too xxxx

  2. Personal life always takes priority over blogging – so there is no need for apologies. I’m so sorry it’s been kicking your arse. That sucks! There will be other Blogtoberfests… Sending lots of love to you. xx

    • Yes, I keep telling myself there’s always next year! And I could always just try blogging every day for the fun of it!

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