What would you wish for?

When I was little, I was told that if you captured one of these skeleton grass weeds, and told it your Christmas wish, the wind would carry it all the way to the North Pole to let Santa know.

I so clearly remember chasing and catching one of these in my childhood backyard. Cupping it in small hands, whispering to it my little-girl wishes. And then blowing it away and watching as the wind carried it slowly out of sight against the backdrop of a clear blue sky.

When I saw one of these weeds tumbling around our yard the other day I caught it and explained to W. about the wishes, and the wind, and Santa. He wished. Β And then I watched as he and his sister excitedly cheered the weed on as it floated up, up and over the neighbours roof.

My childhood self cheered it on beside them.

This is life, I thought.

I saw this one on the grass last night and seized the opportunity.

I can’t tell you what I wished for, it’s a secret.

What would you wish for?


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18 responses to “What would you wish for?

    • Thank you Lyndal. I don’t remember seeing any at our last house either, and we are still in the same town! Must’ve been too ‘urban’ there!!

  1. There is something so beautiful about childhood memories like that aren’t there. And like you I can’t say what I’d wish for in case it doesn’t come true. fairy wishes and butterfly kisses lovely


  2. I remember going to WA and seeing dandelions for the first time, and my uncle telling me I could wish on them.
    Then he told me that I was being greedy with my wishes, cause they were everywhere and I wanted to blow each one.
    I’d wish for rain. It’s been dry and hot here, and I’d love some rain.

    • Thanks, and sometimes it surprises me what memories my children spark! So grateful for them.

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