Christmas Wishlist 2012

magic wand

I have been tagged by the lovely Kat to let you all know five things on my Christmas wishlist this year, so after giving it considerable thought I have come up with these five things;

1. Direction

Wait, did I just write One Direction on my blog? Rest assured that I do not want One Direction for Christmas. Or ever really. What I’m really wishing for here is a clearer view of where I am heading, where we are all heading next year. I’m feeling a bit lost really. I want to move forward, but I need some helping finding which way that is.

2. A new car

This is my practical wish. And by a new car, I mean an additional car. In our current days of once -a-week preschool, being a one car family has only caused minor irritations and inconvenience. Next year a 2nd car would make things a lot easier. It doesn’t need to be anything fancy, so long as it is reliable and relatively easy to park. Ok, make that very easy to park, please.

3. Travel

I would like a little getaway with my husband and kids. A little trip down the coast would be nice, thanks Universe, but if you had plans for somewhere a little further away, like, say, Paris, I wouldn’t say no to that either. I would appreciate it if none of our travel was due to needing to see health professionals in other cities this year, the stress kind of takes away from the fun.

4. Sleep

I saw this on Grace’s list and thought ‘ Yes, I’ll have what she’s having!’ I would love more sleep. Ideally, this would be provided to me in sleep-in format, but this is looking very unlikely, so I guess I’ll just have to go to bed early. Boring.

5. Peace, Love & Joy

Well they are very Christmassy things to wish for are they not? And they are great things to wish for, and to be.

I wish Peace, Love & Joy for you too.

What do you wish for?

I think nearly the whole internet has shared their Christmas wish list by now, but if you have not, and you would like to post about it – by all means do. If you come back and tell me about it, I’ll link you up to this post.

In other words, I am way too tired to go through and see which awesome people have yet to be tagged in this meme already, so to avoid the embarrassment of linking somebody who has already played, I am extending the invite to everyone.

And if you are ever just looking for some great reading, check out some the blogs in my Blogroll to the left. 



4 responses to “Christmas Wishlist 2012

  1. I haven’t had a chance to stop and think about a wishlist, but I hope your wishes come true, Merry Christmas 🙂

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