A few more Reverberations

Well, December just comes and moves along at its own crazy pace, doesn’t it? I’m still playing along with Reverb 12, mostly off the page though. Here are a few (publishable) highlights from my musings and ponderings:

The best book I read this year (from Reverb12 day 9)


The best thing I read this year was actually written in 1925! It has been on my to read list for ages but it was this trailer that made me finally do it – I needed to have it read before I see what magic Baz works with it.

Of course, by seeing the trailer first it means that I always pictured Leo as Gatsby. But that is not a bad thing. Not at all.


What was music to your ears? (from Reverb12 day 11)

Musically, I have very eclectic taste! This year however I have been drawn to strong female voices more than anything, and I would have to say my two favourite albums this year have been Regina Spektor’s What We Saw From The Cheap Seats and Clare Bowdich’s The Winter I Chose Happiness.  It was strong female songstresses that did it for me this year. I think there’s something in that.

Clare Bowditch CD



Selfie -Love (from Reverb12 day 13)

Caffeine Powers Activate

This selfie was actually taken to send to Joe to show him my new Teefury tee had arrived.

Underneath the coffee cup it says “Activate” and as I am a total coffee addict it is very appropriate for me.

It has become one of my favourite T-shirts and I love knowing that it was designed in Australia.

This photo is not very glamorous, but it is very me – messy hair, tired eyes, and a little smile.


Colour (from Reverb12 day 18)

ducks in a row

The year started yellow, bold and bright

And then suddenly

the colours all faded a little,

they were muted

and grey seeped in around the corners.

As I start next year

red trails from the fingers of one hand

for when I need passion and strength

and blue trails from the fingers of the other,

for when I need calm.

And sometimes I might bring my hands together

for a moment of majestic purple.

How about you? The best book you read?  The music that moved you? Your colour of the year?

Joining in with Kat for #Reverb12 – taking a moment every day in this crazy month to process the year that was and make some plans for 2013. Hop on over here and check it out.




2 responses to “A few more Reverberations

  1. I love your musings Alana. And the way you worded your year in colour. Mine started pretty hazy and grey but things are looking beautiful right now, clear blue skies I see. I hope next year gives you loads of yellow. Merry Christmas to you & your family xx

    • Thank you Elisa, it is so lovely to hear you’re seeing those clear blue skies. A very Merry Christmas to you and your family also xx

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