Grateful for Chopin


This year I have decided I need more music in my days. It doesn’t have to be intrusive. Just something nice going on in the background to lift the morning mood, or add to the afternoon lull.

Classical music is not generally what I turn to, mainly because being a word-girl, I love a clever lyric; something I can sing along to. But I rediscovered a Chopin CD that my mum gave me when I was in high-school, and I am absolutely enchanted.

I am not a music scholar, so I can not tell you in technical terms which parts of these musical pieces is capturing me so, or why these particular combinations of notes work so beautifully.

But I can tell you when I listen to these pieces I feel moved.

When I listen to this music I am in awe of the fact it was created by a human being. It existed in them, and they found a way to unlock that beauty and share it with the world.

And when I listen to this music I feel hope. For myself, for human beings, and for the world.

And I quite enjoy inviting that hope into my day.

Do you like classical music?

Do you have a favourite piece or composer? 

Joining in with Maxabella for 52 Weeks of Grateful. It’s quite lovely over there. You should take a look!


8 responses to “Grateful for Chopin

  1. I do enjoy classical, but mainly when I can really sit and enjoy it. Bella is learning a few pieces on the piano and guitar, and she really seems to appreciate the intricacies of it as well. I’m not that technical, I just like the music 🙂

    • It must be nice to have someone learning to play in the house. My son will have a chance to begin lessons later in the year but he does not know what to choose!

  2. I don’t listen to much classical music, and not much music at all if I’m not in the car!! But yesterday I had music on in the background while I was making dinner and my girls were drawing! So relaxing! Lovely post Alana x

  3. Since I’ve had Little I play classic FM during his nap time. I really enjoy it myself (usually) and find it creates such a soothing and relaxing environment. Hence the playing at nap time. I do balance it out however and sadly dad likes to play him metal. At least he’s getting a well rounded musical education!

    • My husband used to play metal to my boy too. At two he used to request ‘acalica’ (Metallica!) He now likes a lot of different music – especially scores from the movies he watches. So a well-rounded musical education is the way to go!

  4. I am not a music scholar either, but I do get moved by classical – I understand what you mean by that. I would love to know more pieces than I do. I’m a Handel fan. And when I watched Amadeus (years ago) I remember being moved to tears.

    • ‘Amadeus’ is on my (very long) movies to see list. Thanks for stopping by Deb – although I’m noticing I haven’t posted for a fortnight, yikes!

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