Dear Teacher : A letter from a first-time school mum

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Dear Teacher,

I entrust to your care one very special five-year-old.

This little boy has been by my side for five-and-a-half years.

He is amazing, but I’m sure you’ll see that soon enough.

He loves to learn.

He is already so interested in the way things work; the life cycle of frogs, the way a caterpillar becomes a butterfly.

Lately we’ve been talking about the solar system.

As a teacher you probably know that Neptune has 13 moons.

I didn’t. He taught me that.

He teaches me things every day.

He loves to read and to be read to. He loves stories. He loves superheroes. He loves Skylanders.

Sometimes he might get upset if things are too loud.

Sometimes he might get upset because he’s missing his sister.

Sometimes he might get upset because he’s missing his favourite TV show.

Maybe he might even miss his mum and dad.

He has been talking about this day since the beginning of November.

In his own words, he is ‘extremely excited’ about big school.

I am excited for him, but I’m also a little anxious.

I know you have been doing this for many years.

I know it is your job to teach and guide our children.

I know you are probably an expert at calming five-year-old worries and tending to five-year-old hurts.

I know you have probably taught hundreds of children,

But you have never taught mine.

I feel like I am handing over my baby.

I feel like I am handing over my heart.

So, even though I know the hands I leave him in are more than capable,

please understand if I whisper  “Handle with Care” as I leave him with you,

before returning to my car where I will surely cry.

Yours Sincerely,

A First-time School Mum

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38 responses to “Dear Teacher : A letter from a first-time school mum

  1. my bub has only just started early learning as I return to work and I felt the exact same leaving him. We know they will be ok but it is so hard to walk away. Best of luck to you both.

    • Thanks Roxanne, I will be holding back the tears until I am out of sight I think!

  2. It’s a great letter to remember this special day. I felt the same when my girl started preschool too, and still worry although a little less, for the new school year. Hope he has a great time for his first week of school!

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  3. Oh what a nice letter! I have a 7yo and a 1yo so I have been through that stage already but it was nerve wrecking indeed. I hope your little one has a great start and you will feel good about it 🙂 Hugs x

  4. that’s beautiful. and has me in tears. i handed over my 4.5 year old boy to a stranger today. 3pm can’t come fast enough. i hope your gorgeous boy has a great day (and a great teacher!). – Aroha

    • Thanks Eleise. It’s harder than I realised! I think it only hit me in the last week that this is actually happening.

  5. This made me cry!! My firstborn is a year away from this place, and it’s so hard for me to believe it will happen. I think I’ll end up sitting in a chair next to her for the first day until she tells me I’m embarrassing and need to leave!!
    Good luck with the first day. Hope your precious little man comes home with amazing stories of a wonderful first day and a wonderful teacher who will guide him through this year.
    Visiting via IBOT

    • Ha ha Tara, I don’t think my boy would want me hanging around for very long! All three possible teachers for his class seem lovely so I hope he really enjoys it too.

  6. What a fabulous letter and a fabulous child!

    At the end of last year my friend (who teaches year 7) asked incoming parents to email her to tell her about their child. She said she got some of the most beautiful, insightful emails ever.

    • Thank you. It sounds like your friend is a great, caring teacher, what a wonderful idea.

  7. Dear First Time Mum
    As a school teacher I consider every child to be different. However I am also a Mother of 4, so I know how precious your child is to you. It will take me a few weeks to get to know your child as he is one of so many. I will do my best to advance his education and his social skills with his peers. You can help me do this by letting me know the important stuff that is happening with your child. Any health or general issues, he refused his breakfast, he is tired, he is not getting on with Fred because Fred hits him, Grandparents have left for a two month holiday etc Anything you feel will impact on your child it is important for me to know. If you keep the lines of communication open with me, together we can achieve so much more for your child than just a day at school.

    • Jacana,
      Thank you for this lovely response. I have briefly met the teachers who could possibly be my son’s teacher for this year (we will find out on the day) and I am happy to report they all seem as lovely and caring as you obviously are. I definitely intend to keep the lines of communication open. Thank you xx

  8. What a perfect letter! I know when that day comes for me it will be pretty heart wrenching, for me, not the kids hopefully!! x Karen #teamIBOT

    • Thanks Karen, yes he is really super-excited (and he can be an anxious child at times), it’s me who is having to put on a brave face!

    • I hope she had a great day. Best of luck for the year ahead – I’m sure we’ll get used to it eventually, right?

  9. Just beautiful… and making me a little teary to think that I could be writing the same letter next year (substitute girl for boy!)

  10. Such beautiful words.
    I was the same when my girl went from being by my side everyday to being in a teachers care.
    When she started high school I was no better.
    Yes the years go by way too fast.x

    • I don’t want to think about high-school yet Deb – yikes! Way too fast. Thank you. xx

  11. What a beautiful letter. I had goose bump while I was reading through your letter. I don’t have children but I understand it can be very hard for the heart of a mother to let her child go for the first time.

    • Thanks Rita. It’s harder than I thought it would be! It helps that he is happy about it though. 🙂

  12. I can understand this so much. I was just saying to boatman tonight, how I feel one of our previous teachers missed the awesomeness that is our child. They just didn’t get her, and that broke my heart, because she is extraordinary

    • Yes, Jess, I know not everyone he encounters is going to get his awesomeness too (their loss of course) but I really hope his teachers see it. Hopefully your daughter has a great teacher this year. xx

  13. That’s lovely A. You will be ok but I get what you say and I wrote something similar on my blog for parents as a “letter to my child’s first teacher” … As a teacher too, whilst not ever being exactly like a parent..I’d take as much time & opportunity as I could to know each child’s strengths, likes and needs to nurture and to help discover. Your son sounds more than ready! D xx

    • While I have only met the teachers briefly they do all seem very lovely, I hope they are as lovely as you D. 🙂

    • Thanks Elisa, it get’s a little easier every day, his teacher is lovely but man, I miss him when he’s not around!

  14. Oh Alana, I love this so much. What a beautiful mother heart you have. And what a bright spark your boy is. I find myself thinking that I will cross these very feelings in a year’s time – as we approach Miss A’s school debut. I must remind myself to come back here and read this again. x

    • It was so hard Deb, but guess what – he got the most perfect teacher, she really ‘gets’ him and he adores her. I still miss his presence around the house, but it is giving me some lovely one on one time with my daughter. Loving school holidays though. 🙂

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