Writing, bad jobs, food and frogs

I have been tagged by the lovely and amazing Kat to answer a five question meme involving frogs, which is obviously the perfect way to break a wee blogging drought. And so break it I shall!

1)  Tell me about your writing process.  Do you plan out what you’re writing or sit down and do it?  What was the greatest surprise about this writing process for you?

Well, generally I write a lot in my head. I may get an idea in the shower (what is it about the shower??) and then I start to build on it as I go about my day. And when I get a chance – I write it out. This becomes problematic when I don’t get a chance to write it out. But generally this occurs at night. I scribble a lot in notebooks and have many little fragments saved in my notes on my phone. These are usually half coherent middle of the night musings or snippets of dreams. That’s what fits in to my life at the moment. That said though, when in paid writing work I am extra good about keeping to a schedule, and I am about to partake in a collaborative project, so I will be scheduling time to write the posts for that (although I will still most like write them in my head in the shower first.)

I think the greatest surprise about this process is that I have a really good memory for what I am writing in my head and can generally pick up where I left off with not too much trouble. I do often write things down just in case but find myself remembering them while (insert mundane household task here) anyway.

2)  What was your worst job?  (It doesn’t have to be about writing.)  Why?  What did you learn from it?

Without a doubt, when I worked in a call-centre. It was a billing enquiries centre for a major telco, and basically that equalled fielding complaints, while at the same time being under pressure to upsell. Hell in headsets. Dealing with angry customers, trying to sell something that wasn’t brilliant and talking all day to strangers; basically this non-confrontational introvert’s worst nightmare.  By the end of it, I was doing the whole crying-in-the-toilets-before-my-shift-started thing. Ick. Grateful to Joe (who was my boyfriend at the time) for giving me the courage to quit, and to my family for being supportive.

I learned that it is possible to quit a bad job and be OK. I learned that a job is not worth my mental health. I also learned that there are a lot of lonely old people out there who would ring the free-call number and ask questions just to have someone to talk to. 😦

3)  If you knew that tonight would be your last meal for a week, what would you eat?

That is a tough one! It would probably be either a yummy pasta dish, or steak, chips, veggies and mushrooms the way Joe cooks them for me. I am a butcher’s daughter after all. It would be followed up by something very rich and chocolatey for dessert.

4)  How do you feel about frogs?

You know, I have not encountered many frogs and have no strong opinion on them! Although I am slightly unnerved by things that jump.

5)  Where is your favourite place to chill out and why?

I really am a homebody, so I love to chill out at home. That’s where all my books and writing materials are after all! (And my computer too.)

And there you go! Bloggy drought over. Now head on over and check out Kat’s answers to the questions too.

Oh! And while you are over that way check out this post she wrote yesterday which totally resonated with me. She’s a wise one, that Kat.


P.S. If you are here via Scintilla, hi! I signed up with the very best of intentions but am yet to answer any of the prompts – some of them have brought up such memories and I was feeling a bit overwhelmed. I think I have been ruminating on each one a bit long. I think I’m just going to have to take one (or two, or three) and just run with it!



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