Storm Warning


storm warning


“Do you think it might rain?” she said.

The question had come from nowhere.


“No, I don’t think so,” I mumble in reply. But the the thought of it had me in tears.

I had not considered it a possibility before.


As I drove home a dark cloud began to form over our heads.

I called her back.

“Do you think it will rain?” I asked. “I just don’t see it happening.”

“Well,” she said “I’ve noticed a few signs. A few changes in the atmospheric pressure. It wouldn’t hurt to ask some weathermen maybe, or find out through some meteorologists.”


My heart sunk, but still I could see lots of sunshine.

The weatherman did not agree.

“There is a very high chance of rain,”  he said over the phone. “I think you should go to the Bureau Of Meterology. They will give you the full forecast.”


There was a bit of a wait.


The cloud grew bigger.


I read about how we could prepare for the storm, what I could do.

I looked at my frail umbrella and wondered if it would cut it.


The cloud rumbled and thundered as we entered the building.

We waited while they reviewed the signs.


“No” we were told. “It’s not going to rain.”


The cloud evaporated before my eyes.


When I stepped outside the sun almost blinded me with its brightness.



2 responses to “Storm Warning

    • Thanks Deb. I miss writing them! Would love to find some sort of rhythm and regularity again, but at the moment it is what it is.

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