Grateful Again

Arya Stark

Oh my! Is it really nearly May?


Here are a few of things I have been grateful for since we last caught up.

Good News : Last month we received some good news about something that had been worrying us for months. Although it does not mean the path ahead will not be without its own challenges, there is one certain route that has now been, thankfully, taken off our map. (I know, I know it’s been a bit of a vague-fest around here, but I really want to express my gratitude for this one, because even if I can’t tell you all about it in detail, it’s a big deal to us.)

School Holidays : I am loving having my boy back home during the day and the relaxing pace of no school drop off and pick up.

Play dates : So grateful that W got a chance to play with one of his schoolmates these holidays, and also proud of my shy little self for arranging it. As a bonus I got to have adult conversation with his friend’s lovely mum.

Catch-ups : with my mum and two of my sisters, for coffee, chatting and the best sweet corn and chicken soup for lunch. Apologies to my sis and niece for my wild children frightening your cat and generally being hurricanes in your lovely house.

New creative interests: my sister let me borrow me a couple of issues of the gorgeous Mollie Makes magazine, and I have the urge to get crafting! I’m not sure when I decided ‘I am no good at crafts’, but I think I’d like to give a couple of things another go.

Game of Thrones: Seriously,I love this show. And grateful to Joe for adding to my little Pop figurine collection (see photo above). Can you tell which character it is?

Driving: I am what you could call a reluctant driver, but I had to step up so I could drive W to school. One term in and it’s all going well – now to get my green P’s!

A family movie afternoon : watching Wreck-it Ralph with my favourite people in the universe, sharing a bowl of popcorn. Bliss.

For all of the above and more, I am so grateful.

Are you grateful too?

Did you know there’s a great little place to share your gratefuls over at Kidspot and hosted by the lovely Maxabella?

You can link up every week if you want, but it’s such a lovely gathering of welcoming people that it doesn’t matter if you go a few weeks without showing up. You can bet I’m grateful for that.


13 responses to “Grateful Again

  1. Such great things to be grateful for. I like that you mentioned you are challenging yourself to get out there more and do some creative projects that you didn’t think you were capable of. I’m doing the same! Today I sewed a cute little apron for my littlest (first time seeing in 10 years) and I’m in the middle of a couple of knitting and crocheting projects. I hope you show us some of your completed projects! E x

    • Thanks Deb. Me too. P.S – Game of Thrones is a TV series, based on a series of fantasy books by George R. R. Martin and is worth checking out! xx

  2. I have to learn how to drive again! Everyone seems so grateful for it. I had a license before I came to Australia, but I never drove and I never went for my Australian license, so now I can’t remember a thing and will have to start from scratch again.

    • I’m sure it’s the sort of thing that comes back to you. It really is worth it. The freedom!

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