Grateful for little choices

coffee in the sun

Coffee or tea?

With a bikkie or without?

Which of the three novels I have on my beside table should I read next?

What is for dinner?

Shall we rent a movie tonight?

Will you come outside Mum?

I have so many choices when it comes to the little stuff,

which reminds me I do have choices when it comes to the big stuff too.

So today I’m choosing coffee, no bikkie, The Secret Keeper, tuna bake, maybe, outside.

I’m choosing sunshine.

And gratitude.

Linking up with other folk who are choosing gratitude over at 52 Weeks of Grateful with Maxabella.


17 responses to “Grateful for little choices

    • Thanks Elisa. Sometimes the thought of having so many options can be overwhelming but aren’t we lucky to have the power to choose? I can be quite indecisive but I’m getting better at making decisions, and being grateful for the options in the first place.

  1. And arent we lucky that we do have a choice?! Sometimes it seems to weigh us down but imagine not having any choice at all.

    • Yes exactly Kate! Far better to have so many options than to have the power to choose taken from us.

  2. I had to ban bikkies recently. I couldn’t resist the, especially at the early hours baby feeds. My weakness? Yoyo. Dipped in tea. Lots of them. What’s your fav?
    I must remember to choose not to eat quite so many ; P

    • I think one of the reasons I switched to coffee is because I don’t have sugar in my coffee, but I must have sugar in my tea – and tea is always better with a bikkie. I love scotch fingers for dunking!

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  4. The little choices – ah, I love your persective, Happylan, ‘cos often I let the little choices drive me to distraction!

    What was The Secret Keeper like??? x

    • I gave it 3 stars from 5 on goodreads. Well-written, good story, didn’t wow me. I’m a bit of a star miser when it comes to novels these days though, being as I don’t get to read as many as I’d like 🙂

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