Grateful for time

Today I am grateful for three whole glorious days to spend together as a family,

one of which involves a gorgeous little boy turning five, and all of which will involve the right balance of getting out and about and relaxing together at home.

There will be a pre-birthday haircut.

There will be wrapping, and then unwrapping of gifts.

There will be organising of a cake – the only request being that it is a chocolate one.

There will be decent coffees for Joe and I.

There will be reading, and gaming, and possibly a movie.

Hopefully the weather has a couple more of those gorgeous sunshiny days for my bright boy.

In which case a trip to a favourite park will be on the agenda,

and some rugged-up fun-in-the-sun.

There will be time spent with extended family, cousins and grandparents and inlaws.


but mostly there will be time spent just as our little family of four

and I will revel in it.


Linking up with Maxabella Loves over at Kidspot for 52 weeks of Grateful. You should come join in and check out some more gratitude sharing.


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