The Best Thing I’ve Read All Month

 Image from © Lime Lane Photography

I read a lot of blogs and articles and such on the internet. I mean a lot. And sometimes when I come across something I like I tweet about it, or share on facebook, or email to someone who I might think is interested.

And then I realised I should be sharing the awesomeness with you. And so I’ve decided to start a regular link-love post in which I will showcase the posts and articles that have made an impact on me during the month, as well as tell you about things I am looking forward to next month.

So without further ado I give you the very first installment of The Best Thing I’ve Read All Month:



I loved this post from Bianca Wordley at Big Words – she makes parental love tangible in The Silver Threads.

Cat from Wouldn’t it Be Loverly relays her experience with the judgement of parenting skills, and her beautiful answer to the critics in The Only Perfect Parent.



Kelly Exeter wrote this great article over at Coping With Jane on why we as women should be helping each other out, not bringing each other down – Is it Time for the Sisterhood to Show their True Strength?



Kellie from 74 Lime Lane launched a photography site – Lime Lane Photography, which contains free stock photos for bloggers to use. Isn’t that fantastic? In fact the image I used above is from her site. Head on over and check them out – there are some really beautiful images available.

Rhi at Hummingbird’s Song has been working on the sweetest little woodland animal artworks – Deer oh Deer.. a Splash of Ink.



I am hugely excited about the release of Bide Magazine next month – here Anna Spargo-Ryan tells you a bit about her Love Project, which promises to feature ‘bloody good writing’ and with Anna at the helm I have no doubt it will. Check out some of the contributors already on board. And while you are at it check out some of Anna’s other blog posts. Her own writing is bloody good too.

A really interesting post for writers from Allison Tait at Life In a Pink Fibro – Are Book Publishers Looking at Your Blog? 



There were a lot of jealously-inducing posts from the bloggers who went to Blog-her in New York, beautiful stories and photos from a city that is way up there on my dream-destination list. And then there was this one from Eden, which showed us some of New York’s invisible people, and reminded me of how fortunate I really am.

The lovely Deb at Bright and Precious brings a personal story to the asylum seeker issue, which had me in tears and disbelief at the injustice human beings are facing, right here in Australia – ‘He Touched the Sea’


What is the best thing you’ve read all month?

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18 responses to “The Best Thing I’ve Read All Month

    • It was really interesting to read the publishers’ views in your post Allison. And thank you. 🙂

  1. Oh, I love Deb at Bright and Precious. Will have to go over and read her post. Thanks for the great reading tips!

  2. Oh Alana… I’m sorry it’s taken me so long to read this! Just catching my breath on this lovely day and you have made it even lovelier! Thank you! I’m so glad you enjoyed that post. I look forward to reading the other links. What a great idea this is Alana – I LOVE this idea! xx

    • Thank you Deb, yours was a really important post I thought and wanted to share it in as many ways as possible. I really enjoyed putting this link love post together so I am going to do it every month 🙂

    • I loved Kelly’s post Jane and I love what you are creating over at Coping with Jane too.

    • Thanks Anna, I am very much looking forward to Bide. As for the late pingback weirdness, I have just been tidying up my categories and so it must have been triggered when I updated, my apologies!

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