There has been a bit too much cold seeping in at the moment,
Not as much sunshine as I would like,
I will admit this.

But I  look at what I have.

My beautiful husband, supportive and strong.

My brilliant son, inquisitive and bright.

My sparkling daughter, fearless and joyful.

And my heart fills up.

How can I be anything but grateful with these three people in my life?

I mean, wow.

They are amazing.

And I am so,



Linking up with Maxabella Loves over at Kidspot for 52 weeks of Grateful. I missed it last week and I felt it. Gratitude is the way to go people, believe you me.


14 responses to “Grateful

  1. Spot on, Happylan! How can we be anything but grateful and happy when we look at all we’ve got.

    I have missed getting around to the blogs lately. I have been so swamped with… life and there has just been no time for blogging. I really missed it. x

    • We are very fortunate. 🙂 Life gets like that, and it’s good to be busy, but I’m glad you’re getting a chance to blog more. 🙂

    • It’s great to connect with other people that ‘get it’ too 🙂 I have so many wonderful things in my life, and most importantly an abundance of love. I can’t help but smile.

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