Finding the Inspiration to make an Inspiration Board

A vision board/inspiration board has been on my to do list since January.

So that means I have been making excuses not to make it for seven months.

At first my excuse was I had to buy a pinboard first. I think that one took me until March.

Up next was all the ideas I had for making the pinboard pretty before I added all my inspirational pics to it.

I wanted to paint it grey. I wanted to find the exact perfect piece of fabric to adorn the background. I wanted to buy super-cute pins and washi tape to attach my pictures with.

And all of a sudden it’s nearly August. And I hadn’t even started yet.

So a couple of days ago I told myself ‘Enough!’

Bolstered by my theme song and some exceptionally bright days, I took the plastic wrapping off my pinboard.

I laid it flat in a place out of reach of little hands.

And I went about collecting images, printing off quotes, and focusing on what I want – what I want to achieve, what I want to acquire, what inspires me right now.

I chose reminders not to take myself to seriously and simple words that make me smile or inspire me. I chose bright colours, serene landscapes, a door to represent opportunity and a butterfly to represent metamorphosis. A quote about making your day beautiful with bright rainbow colours is illustrated by a gorgeous mini print from 74 Lime Lane. As I looked through magazines, instead of my usual red, lush greens called to me, as did a hint of orange and a pop of hot pink. I added pics of my peeps and surrounded them with love.

I stood back and looked at my inspiration board.

And I reminded myself that this board did not have to be perfect. And that it was not final.

I will change the images, update, expand. I will remove things as goals are achieved, add them as dreams and desires evolve.

I may paint the pinboard one day, and add a background of exquisite fabric.

But it is not the actual board that matters.

It is what I choose to add to that board.

It is what I choose to feed my mind with,what I choose to fuel my spirit.

I stood back and looked at the images, let the words imprint themselves on my heart.

I smiled. With my whole self.

I’d say it’s working already.


Addendum: Also pictured on my desk is a gorgeous surprise I received in the mail yesterday from the lovely Kat over at I Saw You Dancing. Kat created this sweet little mixed-media art canvas just for me and I am beyond touched. I have it next to my inspiration board as a reminder of how awesome I am (thanks Kat ♥), how wonderful other people can be, and because there are lots of little details within the piece that are completely in line with my dreams and inspiration.

Joining in with Jess for #IBOT (I blog on Tuesdays). Go ahead – check it out – find some inspiration from the many who are joining in, or link-up yourself. It’s really going off over there today!


25 responses to “Finding the Inspiration to make an Inspiration Board

  1. I love inspiration/vision boards. We had a family one up last year. I now have it as my “keeping track of business” for the kids books I’m writing. Nowhere near as fun nor as motivational as an inspirational board full of affirmations though. Everyone should have one. Glad you finally got yours 🙂
    It’s lovely too by the way, Nice and neat. Mine is very “ratty” in comparison,
    Popped over from IBOT
    Leanne @ Deep Fried Fruit

    • Thanks Leanne. A “keeping track of business” board when book series planning sounds very handy though. And having a family board sounds lovely.

  2. This is a great idea! I should try it once. A really great way to get creative and have fun!
    I like your blog. In fact, I started my blog to help me get in the habit of writing more, too!

    • Thank you! You should try it – a blogging is a great way to get in the habit of writing more.

    • Oh that does sound like fun, and the sharing of the ‘whys’ would have been a lovely experience. 🙂

  3. Hey, thanks for the shout-out, loveliness! I am absolutely rapt you liked the little piece I made for you. You want to know the best bit? I didn’t think too hard about the background elements. In fact, I tried really hard not to. I just set about picking things out of my stash at random, keeping it spontaneous but holding an image of you (or what I like about you) in my mind.
    So I like to think it was my intuition that guided me to choose the things I did and place them where I did, and I’m thrilled to hear that they had resonances for you as a result.
    You know, you really did blow me away when you sent me that Osho Zen Tarot deck. I know was a case of letting go something that you no longer used, but your generosity and thoughtfulness meant the world to me. And the timing was so uncanny that it seemed to me just further evidence of how switched on and tuned in — and just all ’round awesome — you are.
    PS LOVE the inspiration board! Especially love how you made it fun and easy, as well as meaningful to you. In a world saturated with comparison games and “I-really-should”s, it’s no small achievement to do something spontaneously and with sheer joy and purpose. Props to you, honey!

    • Kat, thank you again for the lovely gift. It is so awesome that you used your intuition in choosing what you did because they are spot on, so your intuition is obviously very strong! And thanks for your positive comment re: the inspiration board – I really am loving it.

  4. Your board is so awesome lovely! Im so glad it is working for you already xx
    PS I have been recording and re watching ally mcbeal lately… by gosh i miss that show!

    • Thanks Lyndal, I’m glad it’s working too. Are the re-runs on free-to-air? I wonder if I’d still love it as much as I used to.

  5. Oh, I love this soooo much! It’s been ages since I’ve done an inspiration board. Time to get cracking on it, me thinks. Thanks for inspiring me ! 🙂 x

    • No worries! It was a fun process – I don’t know why I put it off for so long.

  6. Hi A, I just loved reading that post. It’s all about being ready to do, and then acting too. I like how you have encouraged yourself by being less concerned about perfection. I do believe, so I’ve heard, ‘perfection is overrated!” Love Denyse X #TeamIbot

    • Thanks Denyse. I too have heard that perfection is overrated – but I have never achieved it so couldn’t tell you 🙂 Very happy to be imperfectly perfect 🙂

  7. Totally impressed Alana! A vision board has been on my to-do list since Jan too! How powerful they cam be! And how lovely is Kat! xx

    • Kat is super lovely, I am so honoured to have connected with her through the online world :).
      I am really loving my vision board – you should do it Elisa – tick it off the list 🙂

    • Do it Jess! I have the board in my office and it helps to have some visual inspiration where I’m making the magic happen 😉

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